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There are several solutions for yellowing bonsai leaves.

Crazy trees.

Bonsai Tree Care in Port Saint Lucie, FL Choose the Right Tree Variety. First of all you should start with choosing the right tree species. Unfortunately bonsai seeds don't exist; however, virtually every tree or shrub can be transformed into an attractive miniature. May 02, In any of these cases, wrong fertilization might be to blame for your bonsai losing leaves.

Check out the label of the fertilizer that you are using and do your research according to the type of bonsai tree you are growing.

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5) Pests or Disease. Last but not least, pests or disease can make the leaves of your bonsai rapidly fall treetrimmers.pwted Reading Time: 5 mins. Watering too often, while the tree is planted in a soil mixture that retains too much water, will lead to root-rot and the tree dropping its leaves.

Make sure you only water when needed; when the soil gets slightly dry. Another reason could be that your tree has a pest or disease, which should be visible on your treetrimmers.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins.

Leaves are turning two most common reasons for leaves turning yellow are: Not a bonsai expert, and not familiar with chinese elm specifically. I (or its curator) make a suggestion and the tree accepts it or shows me. Hi, i received this juniper bonsai as a gift in january The tree announces this by getting pale, the leaves turn. Jun 25, Bonsai that are grown indoors will always be susceptible to leaves turning yellow as compared to their peers grown in an outdoor environment.

In the colder months a lot of bonsais including the Chinese Elm will have leaves turning yellow and dropping which is to be expected and within 6 weeks your tree should start regrowing healthy buds.

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