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} This small shrub has many uses. From a hedge, a mass or used singly, Razzle Bush is easily trimmed, even into tight little globes. Among the different cultivars available, there are ones with dark burgundy leaves and a beautiful tri-colored form with pink, white and red foilage.

Pyracantha, Suitable for Central and North Florida, firethorn is a durable evergreen shrub that brightens fall landscapes with clusters of red berries that attract birds. The large shrub quickly grows into a tangled mound 10 feet tall and as wide, with thorny branches covered in glossy green treetrimmers.pwted Reading Time: 7 mins. Apr 21, Camellia is a slow-growing bush that shows off numerous showy red flowers during winter and spring.

It can grow up to feet in height and feet treetrimmers.pws: 1. Oct 23, Coral bean grows differently in different parts of the state: in North and Central Florida, it’s a large flower, but in South Florida, it can grow into a shrub or even a small tree.

This plant is gorgeous in spring, when its bright red tubular flowers bloom, and in fall, when its seed pods burst to reveal shiny red seeds (which are poisonous). Small shrubs you can keep 3 feet or less include dwarf shrub varieties and low growers that keep gardens beautiful and maintenance easy.

Since we have nearly 12 months of growing season here in South Florida, using more slow or moderate growers - whether large or small shrubs or plants - saves time and energy. Also known as a dwarf umbrella tree, this is a shrub that can grow to be 15 feet. The plant produces small red flowers. This plant prefers bright light to grow, but indirect light is best, especially during the afternoon when the sun is the hottest. 5. Sep 24, Another maple that takes on brilliant fall color, Amur maple is a small tree or large shrub (depending on how you prune it) that bears bright red leaves in fall.

This shrub has it all: Beautiful pink, purple or peachy-colored flowers in late spring, spicy-sweet fragrance, and colorful fall foliage and cool seed pods.

It can become a bit weedy because it produces hundreds of seeds each year, so plant where you can control the seedlings that pop up. Aug 19, Leaves are dark green on top and gray-green underneath, turning bright red to reddish-purple in fall.

This shrub thrives in a variety of soil types, from acid to alkaline. It needs fairly moist soil until it is established, and then will tolerate drier conditions.

Red chokeberry needs at least 6.

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